Why Dance with the Asaph Dance Ensemble?

Dance is one of the most beautiful art forms ever created. It’s also one of the most all-encompassing ones. It involves physical awareness, artistic vision, musicality, stellar technique, clarity and depth of expression, physical and emotional strength, a good memory, patience, tenacity, confidence, humility, teamwork, strength of conviction, and self-discipline.

Every single one of these aspects is nurtured and appreciated in the Asaph Dance Ensemble. Our dancers know how to come alongside of each other and encourage one another to excel and fully express themselves through their art. The desire of this company is to honor God and inspire the community through performances of excellence. The company not only has large performances at the Hylton Performing Arts Center, but we also do community outreaches in smaller venues, such as senior retirement residences and public and private schools.

Dancing with the Asaph Dance Ensemble is not just another job at another ballet company; it is an experience that will expand your artistry and give depth to you purpose in life.

-Robin Conrad Sturm, Artistic Director